Jason Alexander Reclaims True 'Yada Yada' Expertise For Verizon

Six weeks after T-Mobile’s prepaid brand Metro evoked memories of “Seinfeld” through a “Nada Yada Yada” campaign promising “No contracts, no price hikes, no surprises,” its Verizon competitor Visible is fighting back with an ad featuring yada yada yada-maven George Costanza himself.

Jason Alexander, who played Costanza on the classic sitcom, stars in a new Visible spot running in :60, :30 and :15 versions on TV, online video, paid social and digital.

The spot is set in a conference room at “Other Guys Wireless.” Two execs (one played by Alexander’s son Gabe Greenspan) pitch the actor on an ad campaign, noting that their company doesn’t have any “yada yada.” 



“Do you two know what yada yada is?” Alexander replies. He then questions them about hidden activation fees and best price promises, before revealing that “Yada, yada, I’m already in an ad…for Visible. Visible has no activation fees, no need for a family plan, just one-line wireless on Verizon’s network, for $25 a month, every month.”

“When we saw Metro’s campaign, our team and partners at Madwell [Visible’s creative agency] knew we had to call out the hypocrisy,” says Cheryl Gresham, chief marketing officer of Verizon Value, in a press release announcing the campaign. “While some might mistake Jason Alexander for someone who’s OK to ‘yada, yada, yada’ over the fine print based on characters he’s played, Jason Alexander, the actor, is honest.”

“Visible has nothing to hide,” adds Angie Klein, president of Verizon Value, in her press release statement. “When we see other brands claim they have no “yada, yada, yada” -- but we know they do -- we have to call BS on their ‘BS-Free Promise.’”

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