Molson Coors Bids Drinkers 'Happy Thursday' With New 4.4% Refresher

Molson Coors’ bevy of big brew news continues with the company announcing the upcoming release of spiked refresher Happy Thursday, set for a March launch.

The non-carbonated, flavored alcoholic beverage was designed to leverage a social media trend appealing to younger drinkers of legal drinking age, according to the company.

“We believe Happy Thursday is everything these consumers are looking for in a spiked refresher: they’re smooth, bubble-free, flavorful and, of course, refreshing,” Amanda Devore, senior director for marketing innovation at Molson Coors told Molson Coors’ Beer & Beyond blog, while describing the product’s “vibrant packaging” as “perfect for sharing on social media.”

"Happy Thursday has a mix of familiar flavors that people know and love, but also some that are unique,” added Devore. “It’s a trend straight from social media that we’ve been able to translate to the beyond beer aisle.”



 The 4.4% ABV Happy Thursday will be available in black cherry, mango passionfruit, pineapple starfruit, and strawberry flavors.

Happy Thursday’s  launch announcement comes as Molson Coors continues making investments in innovation and marketing as part of its recently shared growth strategy..

“We are jumping in [on the trend] at the right time – not too early and not too late. We have an opportunity to be a leader with Happy Thursday and its line of spiked refreshers,” Devore explained to Beer & Beyond. “This is an innovation priority for Molson Coors. We’re planning to back this brand with significant investment.

“I think there are similarities with the way hard seltzers capitalized on a trend outside of alcohol,” she added. "They really took off because consumers were drinking more flavored seltzer water. I think we have the same opportunity here.”

Molson Coors claims it worked with consumers in its target age demographic in developing Happy Thursday to develop something tailor-made for them.

When it hits store shelves, Happy Thursday won't be the only offering from a major brewer labeled “refresher.” Heineken-owned Lagunitas’ Hoppy Refresher has been a highlight for the brewery outside of beer, but the non-alcoholic hopped seltzer is a very different product than Molson Coors’ spiked still refresher.

It’s been a busy few months for Molson Coors, and the second new product launch announcement in the past month, following news of the launch of Peace Hard Tea in partnership with Coca-Cola. The company also unveiled a major 2024 rebranding for its Blue Moon brand family last month, which will include the introduction of a non-alcoholic iteration..

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