Netflix Adds 6.7M U.S. Subscribers, 30% Higher For Ad Option: Antenna

Netflix added 6.7 million U.S. subscribers in the third quarter, according to estimates from Antenna.

Netflix will release its third-quarter financial earnings report this week.

The third-quarter subscriber gain would be an increase from the previous second-quarter period (with subscribers at 5.9 million) that the company reported. As of the second quarter, Netflix said it had 238.4 global subscribers.

As of the second quarter, Netflix said U.S./Canada subscribers stood at 75.6 million -- an net increase of 1.2 million from the first quarter.

In September, Antenna said 30% of Netflix new gross additions were for it  “Standard with Ads” ($6.99/month) option. Antenna now says 5.8% of its U.S. subscribers are “Standard with Ads.”

Netflix's biggest subscriber gains went to its “Standard” no-ads plan ($15.49/month) -- 42% higher -- while 28% growth went to its “Premium” plan ($19.99/month). 



For the month of September, Paramount+ posted the best gains of any premium streamer in terms of new subscribers -- up 19%, while Netflix added 15%; Peacock, 14%; Hulu, 11%; Disney; 11%; Max; 9%; and Apple TV+, 8%.

Antenna said Netflix’s 15% growth resulted in 2.1 million gross global additions -- largely due to the company’s crackdown on password sharing.

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