New Tacks For B2B Tech: Buyers Need More Clarity From Sellers

Email copywriters working for B2B brands should note the hassles faced by buyers, judging by the B2B Buyer Report, a study by Hero Digital. 

Above all, they need clarity and consistency. The top challenges listed by tech buyers researching product purchases are:

  • Understanding product specifications/configurations — 45% 
  • Inconsistent product or service information across channels — 45%
  • Understanding how products would help my business — 35%
  • Finding product or service information that is up to date — 35%
  • Understanding pricing — 32%

Some issues are so serious as to be deal breakers:

  • Lack of transparency into fulfillment processes — 48%
  • Record of supply-chain issues (e.g., order delays) — 47%
  • Inconsistent experience across channels (e.g., inconsistent communications) — 32% 



Moreover, 92% of B2B buyers say economic uncertainty has placed added pressure on their firm to make more cost-effective purchases. In addition, 25% report that their highest priority for the next 12 months is increasing efficiency. 

All this reflects a shift in buying behaviors. This year, the top issue is product configurations and quoting (for 45%).  

Last year’s top choice, Delivery/fulfillment — including order tracking — has slipped to second place, reflecting a falloff from 47% to 41%. 

Overall, B2B buyers cite these reasons for digital transformation: 

  • Increasing efficiency because reduced budget is making operations more challenging — 45%
  • Increasing efficiency because reduced headcount is making operations more challenging — 41%
  • Increasing sales — 38%

Here is why companies pursue customized opportunities and/or built their digital platforms in house: 

  • We wanted more control over our processes — 59%
  • We wanted to increase the efficiency of our processes — 47%
  • We wanted to offer our customers a more unique digital experience — 39%
  • We lacked the full range of digital capabilities we required — 36%
  • We required a more vertical-specific solution — 33%

The study concludes: “After years of rapid digital transformation, many B2B companies still have a ways to go in fully optimizing their use of new technologies — and in supporting buyers through difficult times and business environments.” 

Hero Digital surveyed 150 B2B buyers in companies with over $250 million in annual revenue.



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