TMA: NFL Gets 'Cultural Resonance' Boost Among Women Thanks To Taylor Swift


Earlier this year Omnicom’s The Marketing Arm issued its first annual Cultural Resonance Score, finding that Amazon is the most resonant brand among the general population while YouTube is number one among Gen Z.     

Now TMA has analyzed the CRS of a recent and very high-profile cultural phenomenon: the wildly popular recording artist Taylor Swift, her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and its impact on the NFL.   



According to the agency Swift’s interest in the NFL has greatly benefited the league: Its resonance among women 25-35 has grown by 15% this season.  (Swift’s own resonance among men 35-45 has shot up nearly 30%.)  

Much has been written about the Swift/Kelce courtship.  But aside from a boost in TV ratings when the Chiefs play, “this is a new, quantifiable way to measure the impact this very public romance is having on the league and the star,” said a rep for the agency. “In fact, if the league is looking to boost resonance among women, they’ve lucked into something.” 

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