Pedigree Promotes Dog Adoption Through 'Shelter Sunday'


Ahead of the year’s biggest shopping weekend of the year, Mars petcare brand Pedigree has a better alternative for dog lovers. The brand is celebrating “Shelter Sunday” by offering to reimburse adoption fees for those who adopt a dog on Nov. 26.

"The Pedigree brand remains committed to supporting the animal welfare community to further our ambition to end pet homelessness," Jean-Paul Jansen, senior vice president of marketing, Mars Petcare North America, said in a statement. "The Shelter Sunday effort comes at a critical time for shelters across the country.”

That’s because those shelters were already facing overcrowded conditions and logistical challenges which have only been exacerbated by a 26% rise in the number of strays since 2021, according to the Shelter Animals Count national database. Over six million pets enter shelters across the country every year, per the ASPCA’s Shelter Intake and Surrender count,



In a video promoting the “Shelter Sunday” initiative, Jacki Rossi, Executive Director at Hinsdale Humane Society in Hinsdale, Illinois explains that shelter dogs often face an unfair reputation that “they’re broken because they come from shelters,” making efforts such as “Shelter Sunday” which can both result directly in adoptions, and break down those misconceptions in those visiting shelters, vital.

Pedigree is also supporting dog adoption through partnerships with adoption advocates and influencers sharing the impact adoption has made on their own lives. Additionally, the brand is encouraging people to connect with local shelters to volunteer or make a donation to help more dogs find loving homes.

The initiative comes as the brand celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Pedigree Foundation, which was founded by Mars Petcare in 2008 to help increase pet adoption rates by awarding grants to shelters and pet rescue organizations.

Those who adopt a dog on Nov. 26 can submit their adoption receipt any time from Nov. 28 to Dec. 22, to receive a reimbursement from Pedigree -- with a limit of one dog per household reimbursed.

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