Verizon Bundles Netflix, Max Ad-Supported For $10 Per Month

In another aggressively discounted bundle of major streaming services, Verizon is offering subscribers to its three unlimited phone plans the ad-supported versions of both Netflix and Max for a combined $10 per month, as one of its myPlan perk choices.

This is the first time that rival streamers Netflix and Max have been offered together by a provider.

The $10 price represents a $7-per-month, or 40% savings from the combined standard prices of the streamers’ ad-supported tiers ($6.99 for Netflix, $9.99 for Max).

The option becomes available on Dec. 7.

Verizon is already offering the Disney Bundle (no-ads Disney+ and with-ads Huluu and ESPN+) as one of its roster of $10-per-month myPlan perks for unlimited-plan customers, which also include discount offers for Apple One (including Apple TV+), +play credits, Walmart+ membership and TravelPass perk options.



Verizon’s large user base represents another way for Netflix and Max to help rapidly pump up the reach of their ad-supported plans to attract advertisers that require scale to consider using these platforms, while collecting some portion of the monthly consumer fee.

Verizon, meanwhile, has found it can leverage the myPlan value-addeds to attract unlimited-plan customers and increase retention by tying them into ongoing services subscriptions that can be managed together.

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