Kona Beer Wants Surfers To Share, Not Fight, Over Waves


Who knew surfing was a contact sport? 

Apparently it can be, particularly in popular spots that attract lots of surfers. A lot of jostling for position can occur, not to mention trash talk and at times contact that you probably thought was reserved for professional football or wrestling as dueling surfers vie for the same path to the beach.  



The mayhem is captured in a new film released today by Kona Big Wave—formerly known as Kona Brewing Co. before a rebranding earlier this year.  

But the point of the film, titled, “Share The Big Waves,” is to have surfers talk out their differing styles, attitudes and behavior in crowded big-wave waters.  

According to the brand, the best way to do that is to bring surfers together to share perspectives and have chill discussions over cold Kona Big Wave beer. 

The beer company recruited one of its brand spokespersons for the film, pro surfer Hunter Jones, to preside over conversations among surfers at various levels of experience and talent.  

Meredith Ruskin, VP of Marketing for Kona Big Wave, says, "Surfing may be a solo sport, but it is one that comes with a lot of complexities and nuances when interacting and connecting with other surfers. “Share the Big Waves” shows that when you break down walls and have an open dialogue, there is always a place for connection.” Especially, she adds, “over a great-tasting beer." 

The setting for those conversations is the so called “Kona Big Wave Aloha Bench” which will be popping up in iconic surf spots in California, like Manhattan Beach, to encourage surfers and fans to come together. 

Kona Big Wave partnered with the online surfing/outdoor publication The Inertia, to create the film.  Duncan Channon remains the brand’s creative agency of record. 

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