VideoAmp Bows Cookie-Less, 'Commingled' ID Solution

VideoAmp has introduced a cookie-less identity solution that commingles ID sets from multiple providers into one graph.

The solution, already open to VideoAmp measurement software users, is designed to optimize scalability and accuracy in reaching targeted demographics and advanced audiences across platforms.

The ID asset fusion, which provides a single, continuing source showing consumers’ behavior in all stages, has been showing an average lift in measurement match rate of 79% on pixels and 60% for clean rooms as compared to single-provider ID solutions, according to the ad-tech company.

VideoAmp’s clean room technology ensures that consumers’ personal identifiers, suh as hashed emails, signed-in users, IP addresses and device IDs, are not exposed to VideoAmp or its partners or clients.

VideoAmp is not the first tech company to offer a commingled ID graph, but is reportedly the first measurement company working with advanced currencies to do so.



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