It's The Holly, Jolly, Stressful Time Of Year

It may be the season of joy for some but a new survey from Stagwell’s Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association finds that 89% of respondents are stressed during the holiday season. 

Among the causes of that stress: tense family dynamics, missing loved ones and not having enough money.  

43% report that the stress of the holidays interferes with their ability to enjoy them and that the holidays feel like a “competition” (36%). 



72% report that the holiday season can feel bittersweet. 

And nearly a quarter (23%) of those who celebrate traditionally Jewish holidays and those who celebrate other non-Christian holidays (20%) say they experience stress because the season doesn’t reflect their culture, religion or traditions. 

The Harris Poll surveyed more than 2,000 adults aged 18 and older in mid-November for the APA.  


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