OpenAI-Axel Springer Deal Hailed By News/Media Alliance

The deal between OpenAI and Axel Springer has received praise from at least one quarter. 

“These business arrangements are a good start in setting benchmarks for payment, demonstrating precedent of value,” says Danielle Coffey CEO, of the News/Media Alliance.

As reported, OpenAI will pay Axel Springer for using its content to train AI models. In addition, the content will be used for creating answers in ChatGPT. 

The multi-year deal will result in substantial revenue for Axel Springer, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Coffee adds, “OpenAI is doing the right thing to ensure technology and quality journalism exist and thrive in harmony. Our members are exploring all options, and we are ensuring no one is left behind.”

As part of the arrangement, users will receive content from Axel Springer products. These include Politico and Business Insider, as well as German brands such as Bild.






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