Headed To CES? The Action Is On The Convention Floor - Here's How You Walk It

No doubt there are many ways to experience CES. And everyone has their favorite.  

Some will lean into the latest Tech Track and write all about the transformative power of AI and how AI radically changed what they took away from CES (full disclosure, we’ll do it too).  

Others might add remnants of past transformations and don VR devices or use their devices to generate AR visuals. The really hardcore might try to use drones. You get the picture.  



As for me? I walk. Every inch of all the Exhibit Halls. It’s what I have been doing since I started attending. In fact, it’s my approach to every show and conference I attend.  

The action, dear reader, unfolds on the floor. 

It's a journey where the rubber meets the road, where the talk on ballroom stages materializes into tangible, awe-inspiring experiences. It’s where you can ask questions of the companies looking to reshape the world with technology and physically experience how consumers will engage with their innovations.  

The floor is where you meet people and it’s where you connect seemingly random dots via “synapse leaps” as your mind sifts through all the Lego-like information arrayed around the floor. These eureka moments are what brings me back to the exhibiting booths every day. 

This fully patented “Sable Walk” is not just a stroll; it's an open-source invitation to connect, learn, and experience. Starting from the farthest left aisle in each hall, make sure you amble along, stopping at points of interest to engage with the companies poised to reshape the world.  

Scan QR codes till you can’t scan anymore. Register for literature, inboxes be damned. And, when you reach the end, take a sharp right to the next aisle, exploring both sides. Don't miss a hall. Often, it's the unassuming exhibitors with the most intriguing ideas. 

Don't fall into the trap of just experiencing the main hall or the obvious big players. The magic happens in the smallest, simplest booths, where innovation thrives. This unconventional route will ensure you gather a wealth of intelligence into the future to set you apart from those tethered to the usual presentations. 

From personal experience, I can vouch for the richness of this approach – the one that truly makes your CES trip worthwhile. Of course, after all the parties. 

After all, CES can feel like watching a focus group with a polarizing participant who creates a dynamic around one POV that suits their purpose. Contrarian thinking may unlock an unpopular or unexpected path to transforming your business.  

You’ll only get there if you strap on your good walking shoes, pack a fanny pack, and #walkthefloor. See you there. 

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