Max Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of 'The Sopranos'

Max is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic HBO Original drama, "The Sopranos."

Marketing around the event include TikTok content and fan activations from New York-based Deep Focus. 

@TheSopranos will launch on TikTok, where fans can relish in Sopranos in 25-second cut downs of each and every episode — 86 in total. Seasons 1 and 2 are now live with the entire series being rolled out through the end of month.

Few shows cast food itself in such a central role as “The Sopranos.” Fans in New York and Los Angeles were invited to savor the official Satriale's pop-up, bringing an authentic Sopranos-inspired Italian sandwich from Ggiata in LA and Regina's in NYC, right to their door, available exclusively through the delivery app, Postmates. The one-day only event took place Jan. 10. 



Episodes of "The Sopranos" will be available to sample through select cable partner's free on-demand platforms. Episodes one and two from season one will also be accessible on Max's YouTube channel.

Long revered by fans as a cornerstone of the series itself, Tony’s beloved ducks set into course Tony’s surprising and complex character arc. To pay homage to the (in)famous, we’ll be welcoming them back to Tony’s backyard for an hour-long video filled with Easter eggs on Max’s Facebook and YouTube. It might sound like watching paint dry, but it already has 3,600 views.

The festivities continue when the HBO Shop and New York “Escapewear” brand Tombolo, partner to offer various special-edition products for the 25th anniversary.

For the series’ 20th anniversary, Deep Focus created a Twitter campaign offering Soprano-worthy mob nicknames for whoever wanted one. The post had more than 300 million impressions.

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