Ibotta Surprises Customers, Offers 'Money Sampling'

Ibotta, a performance marketing platform that helps brands deliver digital promotions, is building its visibility in a new campaign — with a twist.

"Money Sampling" rebrands Ibotta's cash-back feature as "free money." In the spot, created by TDA Boulder, real consumers in a supermarket are offered rolls of cash, akin to sampling food.

The hidden cameras capture their reactions — from stunned to skeptical, underscoring the doubt usually associated with cash-back offers.

The spot is running nationally on broadcast, digital and social. There are versions of the 15- and 30-second ads in English and Spanish. Futuristic Films produced the work. 



Since 2012, American shoppers have earned more than $1.5 billion through its Ibotta Performance Network, according to the company. Through partnerships with 2,700 brands and retailers, Ibotta provides consumers with real cash for everyday purchases, both in-store and online.

Users can also cash out via PayPal, their bank accounts or gift cards.

Jonathan Schoenberg, executive creative director-partner, TDA Boulder, told Agency Daily: “Agencies can make things really complicated. Sampling money to explain an app that gives money back might be the simplest thing we've ever done. Giving away money was a great way to introduce people to Ibotta. Or, it was a bribe. I think bribes are illegal, so I'd like to think it was simply a sampling of American currency.”

TDA Boulder clients include FirstBank, Daiya, DPS Skis, Rebel Ice Cream, Champion Pet Food and Keeper's Heart Whiskey.

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