Havas Paris Campaigns Against Biases Of Job Recruiters

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just a domestic problem.  

According to Havas Paris in Europe, minority groups often have to submit three times as many resumes to receive a comparable number of responses to majority populations. 



The agency is hoping to change that with a partnership with Club 21e Siecle, a non-profit dedicated to achieving equal opportunities for people of all backgrounds. 

The organizations have launched a campaign called #ManagerForInclusion that is targeted to managers that highlights frequently overlooked resumes.  

The agency has created a series of resumes that also serve as ads in the campaign and that mix real profiles with messages designed to challenge the biases of recruiters.  

For example, one resume/ad for a woman named Fouzia Shalah lists one of her previous jobs as “digital marketing manager” and as part of the description adds, “yes, I’m responsible. Does it surprise you for a young woman with an immigrant background?”  

Another, for a young man and person of color named Ali Sawadoga, talks about his career objective before adding, “Still here, despite my photo? Bravo!” 

The resumes are intended to be shared by managers on social networks, especially LinkedIn, where they can show their support by incorporating the #ManagerForInclusion badge into their LinkedIn profiles, exposing their communities to the initiative. 

According to the organizations, one hundred leaders and managers from major companies are supporting the effort from the outset, including Carrefour, ADP, Orange, L’Oreal, Le Monde and others.

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