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MyFitnessPal Taps Kate Hudson For Winning Fitness Plan


A New Year’s collaboration with actress Kate Hudson has become one of MyFitnessPal’s most popular plans ever, Amanda Mahan, vice president of global marketing for the 19-year-old nutrition and food tracking app, tells Marketing Daily.

The seven-day plan, called “Small Steps, Big Wins.” provides users with “seven small changes that can have a big impact on health goals long-term.”

Mahan says the Hudson plan, which is still available, has been promoted via MyFitnessPal’s blog, social platforms, email, and push notifications, along with a push from 360PR+ that resulted in Hudson appearances on NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s “The View.”

In general, Mahan says, MyFitnessPal targets Gen Z by being “relevant in all the places where they are -- from Tik Tok to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'



“For bigger moments like new innovation or product features,” she adds, “we focus on partnerships and collaborations, and loop in other brands, ambassadors, influencers and spokespeople who have an authentic tie-in with MyFitnessPal.”

Last year, the brand tapped actress/cooking show host Ayesha Curry for a two-week plan called the “Jumpstart Your Health Challenge.” “Over the years and as a busy mom of three, I’ve always looked to MyFitnessPal as a partner on my wellness journey to track my meals, fitness, and hydration goals,” Curry told the Because of Them, We Can news site.

Hudson similarly has been using MyFitnessPlan for several years, Mahan says: “Over the years, Kate has been vocal about her usage of MyFitnessPal and how it’s helped her achieve weight loss goals.

“Small Steps, Big Wins” is available to all MyFitnessApps users, both free users and those who subscribe for extra features at $19.99 monthly or $79.99 annually.

The plan itself, said to have been developed with Hudson’s personal trainer, Brian Nguyen, is all textual. Besides the seven daily steps, it includes “tips and tricks…on how to stay inspired through movement and delicious meals” and Hudson’s “favorite affirmations for achieving health goals and boosting self-confidence.”

The first of the plan's seven daily steps, incidentally, is “Log at least one meal every day this week.” Foods can be logged for free by searching via their name for points values. Premiums user also get options of scanning in barcodes; entering nutritional details of a food such as its calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein; or taking a picture of a meal to identify everything in it.

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