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NYU Langone Health Highlights Impressive Stats, Real Doctors

Image: NYU Langone Health.

In its latest ad campaign, NYU Langone Health pulls no punches.

Three :30 TV spots, in turn, boast that the health system has the highest success rates in getting people off lung transplant waiting lists, in pediatric heart surgery, and in adult heart surgery.

NYU Langone provides sources for these claims in writing towards the end of the spots (for the record, they’re the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons), while the creative itself focuses on the human stories of both doctors and patients.

Like last year’s #TheBestOutcomes, the commercials were filmed at actual NYU Langone hospitals by agency Deloitte Digital and feature real NYU Langone doctors and other staff members, showing the human stories behind those statistics.



“We interviewed dozens of clinical teams at NYU Langone to understand what sets them apart. Then we set out to deliver full transparency into the hospital,” Aaron Sidorov, group creative director, Deloitte Digital, tells Marketing Daily. “The hospital itself is a character….We wanted to paint a raw picture of impact.”

Then, attempting to "reimagine how we tell the story from a patient’s perspective, rather than shining light on ONE success story, we opted to highlight the success at scale and NYU Langone’s performance of care at the highest possible levels of success, with real data that shows the measurable impact on people's lives," adds Sidorov.

Each spot dramatizes a particular area of care, showcasing a patient (actor) at  the beginning, and ending with the same patients post-treatment in similar visuals to the opening.

The spots have been running in both markets served by NYU Langone Health – the New York metro and West Palm Beach, Florida.

The campaign will continue through spring, with linear TV buys on “high-profile” sports, news and “must see live TV.”

Other media includes print in such outlets as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, social, digital and out-of-home in such locations as Times Square, the Long Island Railroad and Link NYC digital kiosks.

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