Keystone Light Angles To Hook Fishing Fans With FIshwife Collaboration

When thinking of foods that pair perfectly with a cold beer, you might not consider tinned fish. But think again.

With spring fishing season approaching, Keystone Light and Fishwife partnered for a release designed around a pairing of the American lite lager and tinned fish brands’ products. The Snackle Pack, available Feb. 29, costs $30 and comes with a three pack of Fishwife's smoked rainbow trout and a gift card for a delivery of Keystone Light, which can be stored in the Snackle’s insulated sections.

“The pairing of Keystone Light and Fishwife smoked rainbow trout is a natural fit since the delicate malt sweetness of Keystone Light works to elevate the rich, savory smoke character of the smoked rainbow trout without overwhelming its more delicate qualities, adding a smooth balance to a charcuterie board or a tackle box,” Keystone Light brand manager Matt Lafferty  told Marketing Daily.



The brands didn’t arrive at the pairing without due diligence. According to Lafferty, the process involved consulting a Master Cicerone (the beer equivalent of a sommelier), who sampled Keystone Light alongside the smoked rainbow trout to validate the pairing choice.

“The two brands also collaborated on the design elements of the Smooth Snackle Pack, from Fishwife’s iconic fish wife in her boat to the cool Keystone mountains both found on the tinned fish label and tackle box,” he added.

Lafferty explained that Keystone has been celebrating fishing culture for more than 30 years, having recognized that the pastime over-indexes with its rural consumers.

“Today, Keystone Light partners with a number of brands in the fishing space such as Caymas Boats,  Realtree and even pro angler Jeff Sprague,” Laffertty said, adding that the brand was running a sweepstakes with Caymas Boats offering consumers a chance to win a performance fishing boat by scanning a QR code on its packaging, along with other prizes such as a backpack cooler, long sleeve fishing shirt, suction cup beer holder, and fishing hat.

Collaborative partnerships have played an important role for the Keystone Light brand more broadly. Its partnership with transport company Penske dates back to the 1980s, which in recent years has centered around supporting NASCAR driver Austin Cindric -- including celebrating his 2022 Daytona Florida win with the world’s tallest can of Keystone Light. This year, Keystone Light will be sponsoring the NASCAR All Star race in North Wilkesboro, NC on May 19 as it celebrates its 37th year partnering with Team Penske.

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