For One Ad Agency Leap Day Is A Weeklong Celebration


It’s Leap Day, that once every fourth year occurrence when February has 29 days instead of the usual 28. It’s designed to keep our calendar in sync with the seasons given that the solar year has about an extra quarter of a day more than our calendar year. 

Coincidently, ad agency Hanson Dodge positions itself as the shop that helps “good people and brands make the next great leap.” 



You probably see where this going, I’ll bet. 

Yes, that’s right, Leap Day is kind of a big deal for the agency. They take that day and make a week-long celebration out of it, squeezing every drop of self-promotional juice they can out it. How could they not, when the day and the slogan are so, well, in sync.  

Leap-related themes grounded the celebration, like a trampoline video the agency posted on social media.  

Clients received a “Happy Leap Day” thank you card. 

Earlier this week the agency hosted a hosted a "Jammin' in your Jammies" breakfast, inviting all HDers to wear PJs (or sweats) to work, recognizing that this year people were working an extra day. 

And, of course, no Leap Day celebration would be complete without a frog jumping competition.  The frogs were plastic and players tried to flip their frogs into a container Tidddlywinks style. Not the most entertaining frog jumping contest in the history of frog jumping contests. Maybe they could punch it up a bit for the next go round. Maybe use real frogs or AI or whatever. Assuming they still have the same slogan in four years.  


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