AI Products, Please: New Email Tool Can Help Consumers Find What They Want

Marketers are being offered an AI product finder that can be used in email marketing campaigns to help consumers find more relevant products, says the provider, SAP Emarsys. 

SPA Emarsys clients are invited to participate in a pilot of the program. They also can try the firm’s AI Subject Line Generator. 

These and other products will debut at the company's annual virtual event on June 12th and 13th.

The news comes as research by SPA Emarsys shows that 35% of consumers feel AI has made shopper easier, up from 32% in 2023. Moreover, 35% also say AI helps them find new products, compared to 33% last year. 

In addition, 31% say AI is making their retail experiences more personal, up from 27% in 2023. But here’s the best news: 61% of shoppers now want to see greater integration of AI into retail. 



For their part, 72% of marketers have boosted their investment in AI this year. And, 78% credit AI with a boost in consumer engagement, and 75% say the same about customer loyalty.

SAP Emarsys surveyed over 2,000 US consumers and 250 marketers in the U.S. as part of an international study in February 2024.

This research has help convince SAP Emarsys that it must lean into AI. 

“By infusing AI into everything we do, SAP Emarsys will help our customers save time and effort on complex tasks, so they can focus on ROI and delighting their customers,” says Joanna Milliken, CEO of SAP Emarsys.

However, Milliken also says, “We are committed to a relevant, reliable, and responsible approach to AI, which is giving marketers the freedom to innovate and re-imagine what is possible in this new era of marketing.”


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