GoGoSqueez Graduates To Big Kids' Table With GoGoSqueez Active


GoGoSqueez is growing up.

With the brand’s GoGoSqueez Active, the squeezable pouch snack brand is attempting to broaden its horizons beyond the younger kids who typically consume its products.

“GoGoSqueez Active is going to help us break through to teens and young adults,” GoGoSqueez CMO Mark Anthony Edmondson told Marketing Daily. “The consumer insight we discovered was young adults [often] use us for going out for a casual jog, or take us along on their hike, because we’re a nutritious snack that's portable, easy on the go, and no mess.”

The new product line features three flavors created from fruit blends: Blueberry Strawberry & Lemon, Cherry Raspberry & Lime, and Strawberry Pineapple & Orange – available individually or in variety packs featuring two flavors.



According to Edmonson, extensive research and development went into its creation, with the brand’s research and development working with dietitians and nutritionists.

 “We learned fruits provide a lot of electrolytes,” he explained, which led to the brand looking into developing a sports nutrition snack w of electrolytes. From there, the brand also worked on developing “bolder” flavor profiles that “didn’t just taste like applesauce,” finding that the fruit blend approach allowed them to accomplish that goal, Edmondson said.

GoGoSqueez also teamed up with actor and influencer Ben Azelart for a campaign Edmondson described as ““all about celebrating the joys of physical activities in any way kids might choose to pursue them.”

An ad featuring Azelart is running on TV, as well as across the brand and influencer’s social channels. While it focuses on the core GoGoSqueez brand line, its messaging lends itself to the new product launch.

 “Ben is bringing a lot to the table for our brand,” Edmondson said. “A lot of our brand [messaging] in the past squarely spoke to the parent. With this campaign, we’re not only talking to parents, but also talking to Gen Alpha [and giving them] the more holistic picture of the brand and help them understand what kind of purpose we’re on.

“When we began developing the campaign we quickly realized that we needed someone who could connect with Gen Alpha,” Edmondson said, explaining that the brand worked with agency partners on consumer research to uncover potential influencer partnerships.

Early in the process, the brand placed a couple of influencers in front of a consumer testing group, asking them who they “thought was cool,” while also asking them to provide their own suggestions. At this stage, Edmondson said, Ben’s name kept popping up, leading the brand to pursue the partnership.

Going forward, Edmondson said the brand will continue pursuing the goal of positioning itself as more than just a kid’s snack. “We want to be a brand for all. Our vision ahead is to be able to innovate around different spaces and cohorts,” to accomplish that, he said.

The brand also plans to continue pursuing a marketing strategy around a series of influencer partnerships to reach Gen Alpha fans, and plans to unveil product innovations for the audience over the course of the next three years which Edmonson claims will “bring them closer to our brand.”

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