The New MLB Prime: It's One Loud-Cracking Bat


Louisville Slugger is partnering with 2023 National League MVP Ronald Acuña and Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Kyle Shwarber to introduce its new MLB Prime bat – which the iconic bat maker bills as the densest wooden bat ever made.  

And, in the hands of a powerful hitter like Acuña, it’s louder than ever, according to ads released this week promoting the new bat. Doe-Anderson is the creative agency on the campaign.    



Zach Stewart, Doe Anderson vice president/director of design and creative director for the spot, said, "Hearing baseballs get crushed by Ronald Acuña, Jr. from 5 feet away was unbelievable and, honestly, a bit jarring. The Prime bat is loud. It was the perfect pairing of two icons who are redefining the game of baseball." 

The campaign is running on Google and Meta platforms during April and in the summer during peak bat sales season. 


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