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Why Detergent Brand 'All Free Clear' Appointed A Chief Dermatology Advisor

You might not consider laundry to be part of your skincare routine, but one product is investing in changing that view.

Today, All Free Clear announced it is partnering with dermatologist and social media influencer Dr.Lindsey Zubritsky, who the brand is designating its “chief dermatology advisor.” According to a release announcing the news, Dr. Zubritsky will be responsible for educating consumers about the impact laundry choices can have on skin care routines for sensitive skin, as well as sharing other tips for managing sensitive skin.

The goal is to communicate to consumers that “skincare can also happen in the laundry room” while promoting the All free clear brand it claims as the number-one dermatologist-recommended detergent for sensitive skin.

Dr. Zubritsky will make her debut appearance in the role for the Henkel brand on the May 8 episode of ABC daytime talk show “The View.” She will also host virtual “office hours” via Instagram Stories on her @dermguru account in connection with the brand on May 8 and May 23. Consumers can also submit questions via a dedicated website, and All will provide updates related to Zubrinsky’s role for the brand on its Instagram page.



“Whether it’s clothes, bed linens or bath towels, our laundry touches our skin. So, the laundry detergent we wash with should be considered a factor in taking care of sensitive skin,” Dr. Zubritsky said in a statement.

The campaign follows a survey conducted for All this past March by an unspecified independent market research agency, in which just over a third of consumers (35%) said they considered laundry to be part of their skin care routine, while around half of respondents (49%) reported having sensitive skin. As a result, the brand says, “there is a gap between laundry and skin care that needs to be bridged.

With some 2 million followers on Instagram, and paid partnerships with brands including L'Occitane Group beauty brand Sol De Janeiro, Dr. Zubritsky was seemingly a natural choice to take on the challenge.

That’s not to say the focus on dermatology is anything new for the brand. All free clear’s name stems from its development as a hypoallergenic detergent completely free of dyes and perfumes.. A recent campaign running on the brand’s Instagram page features a paid partnership with dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano.

"Over the years, we’ve made it a priority to partner with dermatologists who celebrate diverse skin types and inspire laundry-related advice,” Henkel vice president of marketing Julia Galotto said in a statement, adding that the partnership with Dr. Zubritsky would allow the brand to “elevate this influence and reframe how consumers think about laundry as part of their overall self-care and skincare.”

According to a brand representative,  Dr. Zubritsky will act in the advisor role “throughout the year." 

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