NBA Fans Gripe About Overexposed AT&T Spot

NBA fans have taken to social media to complain about a commercial that they think is running too often.

“An ad for AT&T titled 'What A Pro Wants' is being dubbed by some as ‘the worst commercial in history’ after airing excessively, but maybe that is what the phone and internet provider wanted,” according toUSA Today. "Despite criticism online, the 30-second commercial continues to be aired and lodged into people's brains. One X user even suggested that the NBA playoffs ratings are down because of the ad.”

In the spot, which has been viewed more than 86,000 times on YouTube alone, Oklahoma City Thunder players Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Chet Holmgren show how AT&T provides proactive recommendations with the AT&T Account Optimizer.  The players sing their rendition of Christina Aguilera's "What A Girl Wants," but sub "pro" for “girl.”



An advertising expert says the media saturation could be part of the brand's strategy.

Brian Wieser, a strategic financial analyst of global advertising and technology, says AT&T may have paid to air the commercial frequently to "irritate the heck out of people.”

"Irritation is a good strategy," Wieser tells USA Today. "It causes you to remember the brand and take an action. Sometimes people take action more out of hate than love.”

It's not just NBA fans that are tired of the tune in the commercial.

“Holmgren, who was familiar with Aguilera's song prior to filming the ad, can't listen to the original anymore,” according to The Sporting News

"I had to sing that for so many takes that the rhythm of it kind of got old to me, so I can't listen to it anymore," Holmgren told People. 

NHL fans are also getting their share of exposure. 

“The AT&T commercial has infiltrated the NHL playoffs, too, which may leave some hockey fans confused as to who these two athletes are,” according to The Sporting News. “The advertisement began during March Madness. How long it lasts in rotation is unknown, but fans are hoping it doesn't last much longer.”

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