Email-CRM Charge-Up: Nylas Launches Salesforce Package

Nylas has debuted Nylas Email for Salesforce, a tool that it says provides a unified view of all customer-facing email conversations.

The package allows teams to sync email data and schedule personalized communications from both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users, Nylas says. 

It also facilitates email matching and auto association with existing Salesforce accounts, leads and contact records, the company adds. Users can use email data to keep track of competitive mentions, next steps, and key dates.

Companies such as Terminus and Gistia are now using the Nylas Email for Salesforce package. Among the possible use cases:

  • Auto-generate email summaries and analyze sentiment with generative AI
  • Automate revenue intelligence
  • Review deal health with activity metrics and forecasting tools. 



Nylas cites statistics showing that there were 347.3 billion emails sent and received per day in 2023, and that this number is expected to grow to 408.2 billion by 2027. 

“From sending and receiving contracts and business-critical document, to conversations around customer support, product feedback, organizational updates, and more, modern business happens over email,” says Jesse Ervin, chief revenue officer at Nylas.

Ervin adds that “CRMs have established themselves as the single source of truth for revenue-generating and go-to-market teams.” 

Nylas Email for Salesforce is compatible with Google and Microsoft email accounts.

Ervin adds that the Nylas-Salesforce integration allows brands to create an automated workflow between their email and their CRM. 

This helps businesses to unlock additional context, eliminate manual errors around data entry, and build more effective and personalized sales strategies to facilitate business growth and customer retention,” Ervin says. 


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