Lincoln's Matthew McConaughey Teaches Son To Drive

Just in time for Father’s Day, Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln division is dropping a social effort featuring longtime brand ambassador actor Matthew McConaughey and his son Levi.

“The Road Ahead” shows McConaughey conveying some fatherly advice about driving as Levi begins his driver’s education training and nears his 16th birthday on July 7. Lincoln AOR Hudson Rouge created the content. 

Learning how to drive and getting his driver’s license is a moment that the senior McConaughey remembers as one of his favorite days. The two-chapter content series celebrates this important journey.  

In an unscripted and unplanned moment, Matthew shares life advice and driving wisdom based on his own experiences behind the wheel.  



The teaser is a short clip of him telling his son that when he has time, he’d rather drive than fly. “It’s really good for your timing, your pace, and patience in life — and it’s fun,” he says.

“The Road Ahead” provides viewers with a front-seat view of what it was like for Matthew when he first got behind the wheel, what Levi getting his license means to him and  his wife Camila, and how he thinks Levi should be preparing for the road ahead. 

The content series will post on Matthew, Levi and Lincoln’s Instagram channels. Chapter 1 is live today at noon ET, while Chapter 2 will follow on Sunday at 12 p.m.. ET. 

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