'American Pie' Turns 25, Edwards Desserts Revamps Classic Scene

Frozen crème pie brand Edwards Desserts found a cheeky way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the teen hit "American Pie."

The brand tapped Fast Horse for creative, which recruited Jason Biggs, who starred in "American Pie," to feature in the new spot.

As part of its "The Repeat" ad, Edwards Desserts is giving Biggs' memorable movie scene a new take — with a G-rated twist. A family-friendly execution ends with the movie's line: “Well, I guess we’ll just tell your mother we ate it all.”

“It only seems fitting that 25 years later, I’d get a chance to sit on the other side of the table and play the understanding dad – albeit in a much sweeter scenario,” said Biggs. “I loved reimagining this scene with Edwards Desserts, and I hope fans will eat it up.” 

In addition to the creative, the new, limited-edition anniversary apple pie comes with a piece of "American Pie" movie memorabilia. Pie lovers nationwide can enter for a chance to win at PieLoversUnite.com through June 26.



Inspired by the pie in the film, Edwards is made of vanilla cookie crust, spiced apple pie compote, salted caramel, white chocolate Chantilly cream and crunchy caramelized white chocolate pearls.

Eric Husband, vice president, integrated creative director at Fast Horse, told Agency Daily: “We wanted to stay as true to the iconic scene as possible, except for one part, of course. It was a careful balance between reaching an audience who saw 'American Pie' as a cornerstone of their teenage years, and creating something that would be entertaining for anyone — with a family-friendly lens. But even the most casual fan will pick up on elements such as Jason assuming the role of Mr. Levenstein (Eugene Levy), mannerisms and all.”

Apple pie has long been associated with American patriotism and national identity. During World War II, soldiers claimed they were fighting for mom and apple pie.

Fast Horse's client work includes Heineken, Audi, Toro and Yoplait.

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