Curled Fingers Disease: Just What Is Dupuytren's Contracture?


Xiaflex, the drug that treats Peyronie’s disease (curved penises), also treats Dupuytren's contracture (curled fingers).

Six months after launching a branded campaign for the former condition, Xiaflex marketer Endo has debuted “Reminders,” an unbranded awareness campaign for the latter, a rare progressive hand condition whose most visible symptom is the inability to lay one’s palm flat down on a surface. As As Dupuytren's contracture progresses, it may become difficult for individuals to use their hand(s) for daily tasks and activities.

“Take charge of your treatment,” advises a :30 spot from the Fingerpaint agency, in which a man with Dupuytren’s contracture runs down five “reminders," including: "I don't want to wait for my contracture to get worse"; and "I want a nonsurgical treatment; if nonsurgical treatment isn't offered, I'll get a second opinion."



“If you can’t lay your hand flat,” a voiceover concludes, “visit to get started.” That URL takes users to site for Xiaflex, which is the only non-surgical treatment for Dupuytren's contracture.

The man in the spot is an actor, but Endo says he wore prosthetics modeled after real Dupuytren’s contracture patients and that the hand closeups are of the real thing, which feature rope-like cords. Those cords, caused by a buildup of collagen in the hand, pulls fingers toward the palm so they can't be straightened.

The actor’s prosthetics were created by a special effects makeup crew that has worked on shows such as "The Walking Dead" and "Stranger Things," the company added.

In addition to the :30 spot, there’s a :15 version. They’re running nationally on broadcast TV (including major news shows and NHL Stanley Cup Finals).

The campaign, with media buying handled by Healix, will also include social media, digital, and search advertising rolling out over the coming weeks, Dayna Sracic, Endo’s executive director, consumer marketing, tells Marketing Daily.  The social media will direct consumers to an updated, unbranded website, she adds.

Targeted at 50+ men and women, the campaign will run in waves through the end of the year and likely continue into 2025, Sracic says.

Endo says the commercial was tested “with real patients and orthopedic surgeons. The campaign earned high marks for its ‘stopping power’(ability to grab attention), unique concept, the clarity of the statements and the list format, and motivational and memorable qualities.”

Xiaflex has been in the market for a decade, and Sracic says Endo has “spent years sharing education and building awareness” of Dupuytren’s contracture. Until now, that has entailed “empowering patients with knowledge about the condition and the actions they can take to get diagnosed,” she explains. “Now, we are shifting that messaging to embolden patients and shift behaviors, so that they feel confident in advocating for the treatment plan that works best for them.”

Endo says an estimated 17 million Americans have Dupuytren’s contracture.

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