Voodoo Ranger Aims To Help Beer Drinkers Find 'Can of Their Dreams'

Looking for tall, dark and handsome? How about tall, cold and single instead?

This week Voodoo Ranger IPA launched a new campaign via social media for its 19.2 oz can, also known as a “tall boy,” with its own “dating” website at

The site, touted as “the #1 dating site for finding the 19.2oz can of your dreams,” by the brand,  contains extensive info on each Voodoo Ranger beer, written as if they were dating profiles, along with the brand’s signature colorful skeleton illustrations as pics. For example, Imperial describes himself as a “Big strong boi, with a big soft heart. My life is already Rangerous, I just need someone to share it with. I'll be your ABV til infinity or your one night can - open to anything (besides hard kombucha). Yes, you can pet my dog.” Fruit Force says “Am I bursting with tropical fruit punch flavors, or am I just happy to see you? Yes. Girl in photo is my niece…not my ex. Swipe left if you don’t date dead guys.”



"Whether it's dates gone wrong or endless swiping on apps, finding your match can be rough," said Voodoo Ranger Sr. Brand Manager Michelle Robertson in a release. "Voodoo Ranger is bringing fun back to the dating scene, replacing bad dates with the can of your dreams.”

For those who thought they’d swiped right on a “good one” yet found themselves at dinner with yet another dud, there’s The Voodoo Ranger Bad Date Hotline. Consumers can text 'BAD DATE' to 1-231-2-RANGER, which will alert the brand to respond with an “emergency” phone call, along with providing an excuse to end the date. The beer has teamed up Cash App to reward random ill-fated daters upon their escape with $5, to be used for Voodoo Ranger Tall Boy to help make up for the lost evening.

For those customers who want to enhance their pheromones to attract a mate, the brand has also created a limited-edition Eau De Hops. The cologne is said to be “inspired by the flavor notes of Voodoo Ranger, … specially formulated to attract beer lovers.” The hoppy scent is available for purchase for $50 at the Voodoo Ranger Vootique while supplies last.

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