How To Max Out Amazon Prime Day

It’s official -- Amazon Prime Day 2024 will be held on July 16-17, giving brands and marketers a couple more weeks to finalize their preparations to maximize sales.

To max out on this high-volume event, here are three specific actions to take now.

Use Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to refine your audience

AMC allows you to segment audiences more finely based on a wide range of behaviors and preferences. This includes insights around cart abandoners, who should be among your principal targets. 

Beyond audience targeting, AMC shows which unique products (ASINs) or campaigns are driving the most New to Brand (NTB) conversions -- so target Prime Day ads for those priority ASINs. Then use AMC daypart insights to boost visibility during peak traffic times.  

Grow organic reach before Prime Day



All products are not equal within your catalog -- so customize your organic strategy for specific goals tied to catalog segments.

For high performers, this could mean refining A+ content and keywords. For emerging products, consider bundling with high performers to drive visibility and conversions.  

To put your products in a better position organically, increase bids and push relevant keywords through PPC (pay-per-click) now. You will gain visibility, sales, and a higher ranking on Prime Day. 

If you’re a third-party seller, check the Customer Review Insights tab in the Product Opportunity Explorer dash.

You can leverage positive review snippets from the dash to create targeted marketing campaigns that highlight the features which resonate most with customers.

Promote Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save is a must if you want to exploit Prime Day traffic and increase long-term profitability. It generates repeat sales, creates steady revenue streams and builds customer loyalty.

Data shows the pricing discount of 10-15% is offset by a 100-150% or higher rise in conversion rates.

Another potential benefit is market share -- subscribers are less likely to search for competitive products on Amazon.

For relevant products, highlight the benefits of subscribing in your brand story and A+ content, and put the option to subscribe along with advantages (e.g., savings, convenience) at the center of your storefront.

Consider creating special promotions that are exclusively available to customers who opt-in for a subscription during the Prime Day period. These exclusive deals enhance the perceived value of Subscribe & Save.   

Over the next two weeks, it’s important to use all available channels to promote Prime Day deals. Dedicate a subpage on your storefront for discounted products, and use sponsored brand campaigns to pull consumers there.

Prime Day deals can initiate lift and long-term customer relationships, so it’s worth doing everything possible to close campaigns strong. 

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