Ticketmaster Notifies Customers About Data Breach

Ticketmaster is the latest company to fall victim to hacking that has resulted in compromised data. 

The company has confirmed that hackers who pulled off last month's breach stole email addresses, phone numbers, and encrypted payment card information. It’s unclear just how many customers were impacted.

“The company is now sending data breach notifications to customers, nearly a month after the hacking group,” according to PC Mag. “ShinyHunters claimed to have stolen 1.3TB of data from Ticketmaster — including information on 560 million users. But a notification sent to Maine’s Attorney General, however, says only that the breach affected less than 1000 people, making the true scope of the hack unclear.”



Social media users are reacting to the notification with anger and frustration. 

“Hackers who stole terabytes of data from Ticketmaster and other customers of the cloud storage firm Snowflake claim they obtained access to some of the Snowflake accounts by first breaching a Belarusian-founded contractor that works with those customers,” according to Wired. “About 165 customer accounts were potentially affected in the recent hacking campaign targeting Snowflake’s customers, but only a few of these have been identified so far.”

The unauthorized activity occurred between April 2 and May 18.

“The company recommends customers ‘remain vigilant’ against identity theft and fraud and has offered one year of free identity monitoring to track their credit history,” according to Bleeping Computer. 

There is some good news, according to the entertainment company. 

“Since its investigation, Ticketmaster has not seen any additional unauthorized activity in the cloud database,” according to WANE.com.

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