Joe Biden Step Down? Don't Tell The Lincoln Project That

The Lincoln Project has been a staunch supporter of Joe Biden since the day he threw his hat in the ring for the 2020 election. Maybe even earlier. 

And the group is having none of this who-can-we-replace-Biden-with talk in Democratic Party circles and certain mainstream media like The New York Times - which called for Biden to step aside, as did some of its columnists (including one of my favorites, Thomas Friedman).  



I received an email today from the LP’s Stuart Stevens in which he wrote: “Biden’s performance (not substance) was rough in one debate, so he’s the candidate the political chattering class and mainstream media are calling on to drop out. It’s insanity, but the mainstream and right-wing media cannot get enough of it.” 

Stevens and a couple of his LP colleagues recently formed Resolute Square, which they describe as “an ambitious effort to rethink how the media fights against autocracy beyond the 2024 presidential race.” 

In his email, Stevens wrote: “The worst part of the debate was not Biden’s performance; it’s that the mainstream media continues failing to recognize that Trump lying to the American people for a full 90 minutes is a terrible debate and a danger to our country. Trump’s lying is what we all knew would happen — including the media — but his lies aren’t news because they’ve been a constant in Americans’ lives for eight years.” 

You may have received the email as well. It’s an invitation to listen online to an event that Resolute is putting on Tuesday night that Stevens says is “about how fascism is being normalized and what role and responsibility the media have in this moment.” 

The event features veteran journalist John Harwood, former CNN Whitehouse correspondent, who earlier won a Pulitzer while he was with The Wall Street Journal.  

“If you’re a journalist, a convicted felon trying to lie his way to the presidency for a second time should never become a tired story,” Stevens wrote. “But once again, America’s free press is letting us down and failing our democracy. We have to talk about this.”  

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