Boomers Unite

So you've finally turned the big 5-0. What comes next? Everything you've ever wanted. At least that's the concept behind Eons, the new media company that challenges its baby boomer and senior members to celebrate the second 50 years of their life with as much vitality as the first.

Founded by former Monster CEO Jeffrey Taylor, Eons provides Web users with a forum to connect with other young-at-heart adults to discuss everything from financial planning to travel destinations and media preferences. Features include a longevity calculator with customized suggestions and a personalized life map, where users create a visual timeline of everything from their first love to Woodstock.

In addition to being a home for tech-friendly boomers, Eons doubles as an economic predictor of how adults 50-plus want to spend their time and money. With boomers' long life expectancy and large disposable income, the possibilities are limitless  for both members and advertisers.
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