Blog Ads on the Go

Video blogging via wireless phones isn’t news. Still images, video, sound, and even virtual experiences can be posted online from even the most basic cell phones. But what about advertising on a mobile blog?

Applications developer MCNE offers appliedSB, a new mobile blogging ad package that offers Web advertising inventory for mobile blogs over compatible carriers. Participating carriers include Cingular, T-Mobile, and Sprint/Nextel. “We are hoping to be the one-stop shop for mobile blogging,” says Russell Morgan MCNE’s chief operating officer. “It might seem like advertising on the mobile Web is as simple as the general Internet, but it’s not.

The appliedSB package is being used on, a mobile music service where consumers can find and share tunes for their cell phones. AppliedSB can also be used to enhance the interactivity of sweepstakes and promotions.

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