Out to Launch

Holiday ads. Pennsylvania Department of Health bows anti-chewing tobacco campaign. Haggar tests my gag reflex. Let's launch!

It's the end of the world as we know it--and nobody feels fine--in this ad created for the Art Directors Club's 86th Annual Call for Entries. Avian flu, tsunamis, gas guzzling SUVs, global warming, nuclear weapons, religious tensions--and did I mention Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld conversing with the devil--are just a few of the scenes depicted in the ad that posits, "the last call for entries?" Norbert Kox is the artist behind the ad, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day New York. The deadline for entries is January 19; the ad is being distributed globally to students in advertising, design, interactive media, photography and illustration industries to encourage them to enter their work. Click here to see a larger version of the ad.



Haggar is looking to revamp its image and tasked none other than testosterone-friendly Crispin Porter + Bogusky for the job. The print ads are looking good, but one TV ad needs to be viewed on an empty stomach. Print ads promote the durability of Haggar pants with snappy, CP+B-esque lines such as "Go commando with confidence," "If your life is hanging by a thread, pray it's one of ours," "Pocket pool? Hell, you could probably play pocket track and field" and "If a button busts while you're wearing it, don't worry. The impact probably killed you too." Click here, here, here and here to view the ads. TV spots play as a do-it-yourself home improvement show, with two hosts offering solutions to common problems. "Boyfriend" describes how to rid your house of your daughter's loser boyfriend. Next episode? Putting your daughter in a convent. Watch the ad here. Then there's "Front Lawn." The ad stars the DIY hosts, a man who has no regard for others, and a pooping dog. One host shovels up the crap and slaps it right into the dog owner's hand, leaving him to gag and choke, much like I did when I first watched the ad. Watch it here. Apparently, Haggar pants give its owners stomachs and balls of steel. Print ads are running in magazines such as ESPN the Magazine, Playboy and Popular Mechanics. Also, check out the newly redesigned for info on another aspect of the campaign called "Gentlemen's Supply Company." CP+B handled all aspects of the campaign.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has launched two TV spots and two outdoor ads in an effort to curb the use of chewing tobacco. One ad shows a depressed mouthful of teeth mourning the loss of their brethren from chewing tobacco. Watch the ad here. Another ad shows the same teeth looking for their "friend" Pete. He's M.I.A. and the others will be, too if chewing tobacco stays in the equation. Click here to watch the ad. Outdoor ads cut to the chase. Click here and here to view them. TV ads are running on cable networks in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, Johnstown/Altoona and Erie. Outdoor ads are running in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg airports. The Neiman Group created the ads and Harmelin handled the media buy.

Dunkin' Donuts has launched two ads, one holiday-themed, and the other promoting the launch of breakfast hashbrowns. Both ads are an extension of the company's "America Runs on Dunkin" work that launched in April. "Exchange" depicts the day after Christmas and the long lines to exchange unwanted gifts. Rather than buying a grown man a tea set, spring for a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, the ad suggests. Watch the ad here. "Mobile Office" features a high-tech man on the go who's enamored of Dunkin' Donuts hashbrowns. Click here to watch the ad. "Exchange" launched Nov. 20 and "Mobile Office" launched Nov. 27. Hill Holiday handled all aspects of the campaign.

EBay launched a holiday ad to the tune of "Jingle Bells," part of the brand's "It" campaign. This time around, the toys are the recipients of Christmas gifts. The ad portrays Christmas in a dollhouse where a robot, superhero and young boy unwrap and play with their presents. The robot must be a music lover--and even superheroes have problems with technical gadgets. Click here to watch "Dollhouse."BBDO New York created the ad and OMD handled the media buy.

Sierra Mist had launched a holiday-themed flavor, Cranberry Splash, that's found once a year, much like the Holiday Hawk. And if you play your cards right, he'll sing you a song. A man finds it hard to believe that a Holiday Hawk exists, until a hawk lands on his head and belts out an operatic version of "Jingle Bells." We know who's getting the extra bottle of Sierra Mist. Watch the ad here.BBDO New York created the ad (another ad using "Jingle Bells") and OMD handled the media buy.

"Don't be a fool. Stay in touch," says Zoltar the fortuneteller in an online campaign for Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. A series of videos depict groups of teenagers ostracizing one friend until Zoltar intervenes. He describes in detail what each banished teen will accomplish in life and how dumb the popular teens would be if they didn't remain friendly with the future moguls. Visitors to the site can also enter the name of a friend to see what their future holds. The campaign grants me a childhood flashback to the movie "Big." "Tales of Zoltar" was created by AKQA.

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