Out to Launch

"It's Okay To Look" on Special K ad in Penn Station makes your legs burn. DirecTV goes "Back to the Future." Let's launch!

Crispin Porter + Bogusky created a series of pro bono TV and print ads for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The work focuses on prescription drug use being as big an epidemic and as deadly for teenagers as illegal drug use. TV ads show cute little babies trying to open a prescription drug bottle, with a voiceover stating that it won't be long until kids can open it on their own. Listen carefully, for the background music is children's songs with a rock-and-roll edge. "Lullaby and Goodnight," "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "Pop Goes the Weasel" never sounded so hip. Watch the ads here, here and here. Print ads are just as effective, with three laid out in coupon form encouraging parents to act now and talk to their kids for a "limited time only." Click here, here and here to view the ads. Remaining ads mirror the TV spots, showing babies attempting to gnaw through a childproof bottle. Click here, here, here and here to see the ads.


advertisement launched a series of TV and print ads that feature 26 actual members. The campaign uses a new tagline, "It's Okay To Look," persuading people to browse the site without plunking down the big bucks. The site has undergone a facelift--but the TV ads freak me out. Not as much as the man from eHarmony does, but I did ask myself if it was really okay to look. Case in point: ads for Charlotte and Timothy. We only see Charlotte from the neck up, but she's lying down and laughing. I felt the need to build an imaginary door and knock. Watch it here. Timothy runs in place in an outfit than channels "Robin Hood." Click here to watch.Hanft Raboy & Partners created the campaign and Mullen handled the media buy.

FedEx, which has teamed up with the PGA to sponsor the FedExCup, launched three ads last week to support the partnership during the Mercedes-Benz Championship. "Mannequin" features a not-so-convincing proxy for a man skipping a video conference call to go golfing. Watch it here. "Caddy" is my favorite. A man walks throughout his office and is fed the right things to say to his co-workers by his caddy. Click here to watch it. "Hub" takes place inside a FedEx warehouse where golfers, caddies, golf clubs and trophies are organized and shipped off just like packages. Watch it here.BBDO New York created the ad and OMD and Velocity handled the media buy.

I highly doubt that the first car I bought cost as much as these bikes. Titus Cycles launched a print campaign this month in various consumer and trade cycling magazines that puts the high cost of the bikes--between $5,000 and $7,000--into a real-life perspective. The ads target bike enthusiasts 40 and up. One ad features a dad showing his son a brochure for community college. Another shows a father placing a "For Sale" sign on his daughter's horse. The final ad shows an excited woman whose boyfriend has popped the question with a faux diamond. View the ads here, here and here. TDA Advertising & Design handled all aspects of the campaign.

If your legs don't burn after taking this Kellogg's Special K challenge, then you're in better shape than I. The cereal placed a StareWays ad in New York's Penn Station that encourages healthy eating in the New Year and more importantly, movement. Take the stairs rather than the escalators on either side. StareWays ads stick directly to a flight of stairs to create one gigantic ad. Cool stuff. Click here to see a larger version of the ad.Starcom New York handled the media buy.

Help create a theme song for basketball player LeBron James! In collaboration with Sprite, a Web site was created where users can mix beats and upload their very own songs that depicts James' persona. Here's the catch: the LeBron 23:23 promotion is USA-only, and in order to upload and create content, users must purchase a Spite or Sprite Zero and plug in cap codes. The top three songs will air in an ad throughout the NBA All-Star Weekend. Nice incentive. AKQA created the site.

Doc Brown of "Back to the Future" fame, portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, is the latest movie character to shill for DirecTV. I can't get enough of these ads. So far, I've enjoyed every ad except one--maybe because I'm not a Trekkie. Watch it here. The latest ad promotes DirecTV's HD capacity, having nearly three times the HD capacity cable. Watch the ad here.Deutsch handled all aspects of the campaign.

"Do not open," read a shiny gold print ad for Domaine Chandon's étoile brand cuvee. Copy was placed on a rip-away strip in the hope that consumers would eagerly tear open the ad. I bet a good number of readers skipped over the ad without opening it. Inside the bubbly ad for bubbly read, "Clearly, you're not afraid to break the rules. Neither are we." The ad plays off the fact that the winemakers broke a few rules when creating étoile. The insert ran in issues of Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, among others. Click here to see the ad.Colby and Partners created the ad and MediaCom handled the media buy.

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