Zagat Makes Ads Appetizing

Interstitials certainly annoy some people. But Dan Entin has a hunch that mobile users will gladly view ads on their cell phones in exchange for free games - something they're used to paying for.

Entin, product manager of Internet and wireless at Zagat Survey, has been advertising the firm's Zagat to Go wireless software guides on Greystripe's mobile site, using Greystripe's AdWRAP full-screen mobile advertising program.

Entin's theory is paying off. "Our average clickthrough rate is 4.3 percent, which is much higher than the typical 0.2 percent* for an Internet banner ad," he says, adding that "mobile advertising in general prequalifies someone who might be interested and able to download and purchase our mobile Zagat product."

Providing a millions-strong mobile game player audience, award-winning offers games created by Greystripe and over 40 partners, and features community and editorial game reviews. Mobile gamers can download games to their handsets for free via SMS, WAP or PC transfer.

As Greystripe grows its customer base, Zagat plans to target an older, more appropriate segment by advertising within specific areas such as puzzles or strategy games.

* This number was modified after the article's original posting.
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