Banners on the Go

The mobile online interface has taken another step toward following the Internet model, with the launch of Yahoo's new graphical advertising platform for its mobile Web service, which places small banners on some Yahoo mobile Web screens.

The service began testing in November with Pepsi ads featured on the Yahoo search page, as well as across content-specific pages such as Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Weather. The banners, which are currently positioned across the top of the page, are clickable and drive through to a customized Pepsi WAP site.

"We love to innovate and do things first and, most importantly, get learning in that process," says John Vail, director of interactive marketing for Pepsi-Cola North America. "We're excited to be the first sponsor to put up a graphical ad on Yahoo Mobile. It fits well for us." The mobile site will provide the same metrics received from Yahoo online, Vail says.

Yahoo is using early results to determine additional ad placements and sizes. Ads in mobile games and videos, according to Michael Bayle, senior director of monetization for Yahoo's Connected Life group.

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