Out to Launch

Rabbits rejoice! "Time Is Not Your Friend," according to The National Pork Board. Citi loses the red umbrella, Travelers Insurance gets it back. Let's launch!

I wouldn't run with the bulls -- I bruise easily -- but I would eat a 7 Days Single Croissant. I need to stop watching ads on an empty stomach. The campaign launched this month in 16 countries, including Albania, Estonia, Poland and Kazakhstan, and in 12 languages. In the ad, a teenager sits, eats and watches the "Running of the Bulls." His croissant gives him an added boost, prompting him to jump into the melee and intimidate the bulls. Watch the ad here.The ad is running in the form of a 30-second TV spot and 55-second cinema ad. ML Rogers created the campaign.



Delta saved its skin by offering more flights, better food, more TV offerings and improved outfits for flight attendants. The airline launched a massive TV, print, online and outdoor campaign, mainly in New York and Atlanta markets, touting its many, many changes. "Change" shows the company thinking about each step of a trip through the eyes of a consumer, hence the updates. Watch the ad here. Creative also debuts Delta's new red 3-D logo. Print ads will run in The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Bon Appetit, Food + Wine and Portfolio. Click here to see an ad. Online ads will run on Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn, CNN, CBS and, to name a few. There's also a new Web site that enables travelers to share ideas and feedback with the airline. SS+K created the traditional components and Modem Media created the Web site and online elements. The Media Kitchen handled the media buy.

The red umbrella logo is back in the latest two ads for Travelers Insurance. This series of spots continues to impress me. Check out some older spots here. "Luck" begins in a laboratory, aptly titled the "Rabbit's Foot Reattachment Center." The center reattaches rabbit's feet to their rightful owners. The clips of rehabbed rabbits are hysterical. "You don't need luck, as long as you've got the right insurance," begins the tagline. Watch the ad here. "Risk" takes on a human shape in the next ad. He inadvertently causes a handful of not-so-minor mishaps while trolling around empty city streets. "Risk never sleeps. Make sure your insurance keeps up," concludes the spot. Click here to watch the ad. The campaign runs through the summer during sporting events including the U.S. Open, British Open, and Wimbledon, and shows such as "Dancing With the Stars," "Heroes," "CSI Miami," NBA Playoffs on TNT, "Good Morning America," "Today Show," "Ugly Betty" and "Without a Trace." Fallon created the campaign and StarLink handled the media planning and buying.

Citi launched a massive brand advertising campaign around the world using the theme "Let's Get it Done." Gone is the red umbrella (you know who has it back), and what's left is a red arc atop the company name. Print ads use the red arc to bridge copy and creative together. "Believe" portrays Citi as an ideal global partner for big and small projects, from buying a house, paying for college, merging companies and taking a business to a global level. Watch the ad here. The ad premiered in Sydney, Australia, then followed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Mumbai, Moscow, Germany, London, Sao Paolo and the United States. Print ads connect a picture from the past to a picture from the future: a young boy and a young man who's just graduated college; a house before and after an addition. Click here and here to see the ads. Publicis Groupe created the campaign and Mediaedge handled the majority of the international media buying, along with the U.S. TV and online buy. Fallon handled the U.S. domestic print and magazine buy.

Who has more fun: blondes, brunettes or redheads? Vegas is the ideal place to check out the answer to that question. In the latest ad for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority's "What happens here, stays here" campaign, two women go the ladies' room. Not uncommon, since we do travel in packs, but these friends instead swap wigs and reenter the nightclub as different people. Click here to watch the ad.R&R Partners created the campaign and Initiative handled the media buy.

The National Pork Board shows its sense of humor in "Time Is Not Your Friend," a TV, radio, print and online campaign running through December. "Flush" begins with a woman taking a shower. A villainous grandfather clock appears behind her, music reminiscent from "Psycho" plays, and the unthinkable happens: the clock flushes the toilet. How cruel. The point of this is "time is not your friend" -- and to help out, the site offers fast, easy, pork recipes. Click here to watch the ad. A woman innocently feeds the ducks in "Shove," until the grandfather clock pushes her into the pond. Watch the ad here.The Richards Group handled all aspects of the campaign. launched a U.K. TV and print campaign that trumps the company's U.S. ads from earlier this year. Rather than showing real people with profiles on, this campaign is lighthearted and oddly entertaining, like the Orbit gum ads. Both sets of ads feature a female commentator, complete with English accent! A couple making out in a hot tub are unaware of what's going on beside them in "Oblivious." Watch the ad here. Same scenario in "Lift," where a man and woman shake their groove thing in front of an eclectic elevator audience. Click here to watch the ad. "Whipped" takes playing with your food to a more sensual, public place. Watch the ad here. There's also a great print component consisting of two ads where you'll find something unique every time. Look closely for an astronaut, the Queen, wizards and Wonder Woman. Click here and here to see the ads. Hanft Raboy and Partners created the campaign. Monkey handled the media planning and M2M did the buying.

"Law Of Gravity," the third spot in this year's Got milk? Spanish TV ads, launched this week. The previous two, "Dreams" and "Laughs" debuted in early January. You need strong bones to live in this unnamed town. The law of gravity is fickle, so one minute you're floating and the next you're falling down on concrete. The ad concludes with unscathed residents and the tagline, "Toma Leche," or drink milk. Click here to watch the ad.Grupo Gallegos created the campaign and PHD handled the media buy.

The PGA TOUR Superstore launched two TV spots in February to promote the opening of two stores in Dallas. A husband is looking to practice his golf swing in "Crash." Practicing in the living room is a bad idea. Grandma will never be the same. Watch the ad here. The same man kicks his kids out of their sandbox to practice his sand trap shots in "Sand." Click here to watch the ad.The Richards Group created the ads and handled the media buying and planning.

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