Out to Launch

Levitz looks for a partner in the personals. Make a baby online. Attend minor league baseball games. Let's launch!

Grocery chain bigg's launched a TV, radio and outdoor campaign in the Cincinnati metro area that educates shoppers about its revamped stores in a nontraditional way. Well done. The TV ads are quite funny. A man nervously sits in a room waiting for a doctor in "Steak," with the top of his nose white and flattened. Turns out he pressed his hands and nose to the clear glass case where the steaks reside. Watch the ad here. A family runs to their front yard, opens wide, and is sprayed with a garden hose in "Sauce." Earlier that day, Dad picks up a bottle of hot sauce and says to his wife, "How hot can it be?" Click here to watch the ad. "Melons" takes place in an elevator where a man feels the heads of two riders much as he would a melon. Watch the ad here.OLSON created the campaign and US International Media handled the media buy.



The Financial Times launched the second phase of its branding campaign last week with a TV spot that's just as intriguing as the phase-one print campaign. The commercial is running on Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, BBC World and Euronews and highlights how business influences different aspects of modern life in unexpected ways. "We live in a world where money can buy you love and love can end in money. A world where reputations are made and sold..." says the voiceover, concluding with the tag line, "We live in Financial Times." Watch the ad here.DDB created the ad and BJK&E brokered the media buy.

Ahoy! Bruce Campbell channels a lounge-singing Simon Le Bon in an ad for Old Spice's Ahoy body spray. Serenading a group of ladies, some sprawled on a shag carpet, Campbell covers the Duran Duran song, "Hungry Like the Wolf" and has the women buzzing around him by the end of the spot. The ad comes in 30- and 60-second versions. Click here to watch the shorter version. The longer version was revised. See if you can "shoulder" the burden and find the difference. Click here and here to watch the ads. Wieden + Kennedy Portland created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Maiden Lane created a print, outdoor and interactive campaign for Bloom Energy, an energy drink targeting women 25- to 40-years-old under the Del Monte Food umbrella. Using the tagline "Spread Good Energy," the campaign depicts women participating in various activities where energy is a necessary component needed. One ad features a group of women in yoga class; another shows a teacher interacting with her students; a third stars a mom adjusting her young daughter's costume. Three women take the afternoon off and bike at the beach in the final ad. Click here, here, here and here to see the ads. Creative drives traffic to the newly launched Bloom Energy Web site. Online ads are running on iVillage, Daily Candy and CitySearch; outdoor ads can be found in transit shelters and shopping mall kiosks.

Levitz Furniture launched a series of ads in Sunday's edition of Newsday in some unusual places. Furniture ads ran in the help wanted, travel, personals and automotive sections. An ad for a recliner in the personals section, for instance, says "Recliner seeking man. For long afternoons of watching football, extremely laid back." See the ad here. The ad appearing in the automotive section hawks a "red convertible" (a pull-out sofa bed), while the travel section ad promotes "first class seats: leather, suede and hardwood." Click here to see the ad.DeVito/Verdi handled the creative and media buying aspects.

Madison Mallards, a college-level baseball team in Wisconsin, launched a local print campaign in an effort to fill those seats. The promotion highlights the pre-game festivities, which include live music, games and a play area for kids. Ads resemble old carnival and circus posters, featuring a Mallards player and quirky copy: "Catching a foul ball is easier when your hands are covered in cotton candy," reads one ad. See it here. "Start with Oktoberfest, Remove the Lederhosen, Add a Seventh Inning Stretch, And There You Have It," reads another. Click here and here to view more ads, running in Madison Magazine and the Wisconsin State Journal. Shine Advertising created the campaign and media buying was handled in-house.

It's not easy to make a baby online. But it's possible, thanks to the Knocked Up Baby Maker. The site promotes the upcoming movie about a one-night stand between two complete opposites that ends with a bun in the oven. Visitors can upload photos of themselves and their significant other to create a baby, or choose characters from the movie. The end result can be emailed to friends and included in the baby album on the site, created by A.D.D.

The United States Navy launched a TV campaign in March focusing on the organization's relief and humanitarian efforts. One ad shows the Navy aiding in tsunami relief in Indonesia and rescuing Hurricane Katrina victims. "If you want to do great things in your world, spend some time in ours," concludes the voiceover. Watch the ad here. Another ad features air, sea and land drones released into dangerous situations, while the final ad describes the sudden intensity of waves that barraged Southeast Asia in 2004. Click here and here to see the ads that are also running online in formats ranging from 10 to 90 seconds. Campbell-Ewald created the campaign and handled the media buying and planning.

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