TV Guide Imports 'C&J' To Web

When TV Guide re-launched as a full-size publication two years ago, the new look continued one of the magazine's more notable offerings--its "Cheers & Jeers" page--where editors rave about some small-screen shows and rip others.

Now, in the vein of media companies taking signature brands and migrating them to new platforms, the money-losing publication's parent is expanding the reach of "C&J," a feature that first hit the pages of the magazine, whose circulation in 1983 approached 20 million.

Incarnations are now online and on-air. On, "C&J" is linked with a daily blog that gives readers the chance to weigh in. And on the newly renamed TV Guide Network, a "C&J" commentary appears during the weekly "TV Watercooler" show. The hosts give an up or down for a notable TV twist from the week that was.

Ian Birch, executive vice president and chief content officer of Gemstar-TV Guide and editor in chief of TV Guide, said the new platforms provide "our readers greater interactivity and more opportunities to voice their opinions regarding their favorite or least favorite television shows ... further extending this franchise to our online and network platforms makes perfect sense."

On, visitors can offer their own "C&Js," which have a shot of making it into the magazine.



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