Reach Out: WSJ Office Network Gets Key Business Pros

A study of the Wall Street Journal Office Network by Arbitron found considerable reach and recall for the place-based video network. In buildings with the WSJ video displays, 93% of 1,100 business professionals surveyed recall seeing them. In addition, 88% of this cohort said they find the news and information useful, with 68% saying they found its advertising relevant to them. Cumulative viewership was 3.3 minutes per day.

The Arbitron study also addressed the issue of ROI. For example, 75% of survey respondents who noticed the WSJ screens said their content had some impact on corporate spending decisions. The well-heeled audience had an average household income of $159,000.

Like other place-based video networks, the WSJ Office Network touts the medium's ability to reach affluent consumers and business decision-makers in an era of media proliferation. Jim Harris, Office Media Network's CEO, says the Arbitron study clearly shows that The Wall Street Journal Office Network "is an efficient and innovative tool for advertisers to influence an increasingly elusive audience of affluent business decision makers whose media habits are often fragmented across multiple channels."



Harris adds that they may be "moving away from traditional media, like magazines, radio and TV," giving added weight to the net's ability to reach this select audience.

The WSJ Office Network currently operates video installations in the lobbies of office buildings in the top 15 DMAs. Next year, it plans to begin installing video screens in elevators, bringing it into direct competition with Captivate Network.

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