Hey, Watch Where You Stick That Thing

The military has gotten schooled in online ad placement — the hard way. In October, that bastion of investigative journalism, USAToday, informed recruiters that the Army, Navy and Air Force had placed thousands of ads for recruits on, a networking Web site for “gays, lesbians, and everyone else.” As reported by USAToday, recruiters for the Army National Guard, a branch that alone will spend $6.5 million on Internet recruiting this year, did not know they were advertising on, as a military spokesperson put it, “that particular Web site.”

Using a private ad agency, military services purchased, among others, the “diversity and inclusion” package with, which has an alliance with Community Connect, GLEE’s parent company. Clearly, the military didn’t ask and nobody at Monster told. In fact, it seems very likely that someone along the line was having a bit of fun with the military’s sense of tolerance, but Monster will no doubt be more careful in the future.

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