Marketers Say eMail Strongest Performing Media Buy

Marketers Say eMail Strongest Performing Media Buy

Datran Media recently released the results of its second annual survey of over 2000 online marketing professionals, finding that 82 percent of the marketers surveyed indicated that they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2008, and 55 percent of the respondents cite that they expect ROI from email to be higher than any other channel. The reports says that the survey results are consistent with the Direct Marketing Association's recent report, which found that email ROI will hit $45.65 for every dollar spent in 2008, more than twice the ROI of other mediums including search and display.

In addition to increased use of email as a media and lead generation channel, the Datran Media survey found:

  • 80 percent of respondents indicated email was the strongest performing media buy ahead of search and display.
  • Search is the favored channel for complementing the email channel.
  • More than 80 percent of marketers send targeted email campaigns.

Selected key findings include the following...

Company Email plans for 2008, compared to 2007:

  • 82.4% to increase use of email marketing
  • 15.3% to stay the same
  • 2.4% to decrease email marketing expenditures

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

Expectations for company's Email marketing ROI in 2008:

  • 55.3% say higher than other channels
  • 25.9% feel ROI roughly equal
  • 18.8% say lower

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

Advertising media buys that perform strongly for your company: (multiple response OK)

  • 80% say eMail
  • 37.6% display
  • 70.6% say Search
  • 16.5% feel Print
  • 10.6 say Broadcast
  • 7.1% Cable
  • 1.2% think Mobile
  • 2.4% report RSS
  • 34.7% say Ad Network
  • 8.2% uncertain

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

Media channels that complement the eMail media channel: (multiple response OK)

  • 51.8% say Display
  • 71.8% say Search
  • 24.7% think Mobile
  • 17.6% say Broadcast
  • 10.6% Cable
  • 41.2% report Direct

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

Of those who plan to employ eMail, they also expect:

  • 80% to send newsletters
  • 78.8% drive sales
  • 67.1% will increase upsell or cross sell opportunities
  • 50.6% will sent transactional messages
  • 52.9% to reactivate dormant customers
  • 70.6% plan to enhance customer relationships
  • 64.7% expect to increase brand awareness or lift

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

The respondents say eMail planning includes these elements in 2008:

  • 74.1% to conduct content or creative split testing
  • 36.5% will test creative across inbox devices
  • 29.4% to pay for eMail marketing based on CPM model
  • 58.8% will pay on a CPC or CPA model
  • 36.5% will include banner ads
  • 25.9% will measure effect on Brand lift
  • 36.5% will measure effect on customer satisfaction
  • 64.7% will measure eMail effect on sales

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

Response to... "use and/or plan on using an outside vendor for email marketing?"

  • 69.4% say Yes
  • 20% say NO
  • 10.6% Not Sure

Source: Datran Media, January 2008

For a complete view of survey results, please visit Datran Media Success here.

The text release can be viewed here.

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