Homemade Honda Spot Is A Good FIT

It's a clear example of art imitating life. Or is that life imitating art?

While some advertisers debate the benefits of putting marketing dollars onto social networks and video-sharing sites, Crackle.com--the online video entertainment network, which is a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company--has proof that online advertising really works.

John Kramer, an aspiring filmmaker and winner of the Crackle.com Shorts (short film channel) contest--ironically sponsored by Honda--was intrigued by the Honda FIT car he saw advertised on the Shorts Channel with his winning video. He decided to test-drive the vehicle and ended up purchasing it with the money he won from the Crackle contest. Kramer was so happy with his new FIT that he made his own testimonial video about purchasing the car.

Edmund Purcell, vp interactive management supervisor at Honda's Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency Rubin Postaer and Associates, oversees all national Honda interactive campaigns. Purcell said the agency was surprised and excited at the turn of events that resulted in the promotional video. "It's not often that you see a promotion lead to an immediate sale," Purcell said. "It was completely unintended."



Sausalito, Calif.-based Crackle.com has some of the highest click-through rates on the Web, with CTRs averaging at 1.55% for video advertising, while CTRs across the Web typically average about 20 in 10,000. The streaming entertainment network is dedicated to the discovery and development of pioneering video creators across a diverse range of genres. Crackle delivers programmed and customized video streams to a global audience via a multi-platform, syndication network that includes Sony devices, IPTV, leading social networks and one-click viral Web distribution.

In addition to Honda, Crackle has attracted other major brand advertisers including Pepsi, Epson, Sony Electronics and Vodafone.

Purcell said Crackle offers advertisers high-quality and unique co-sponsored opportunities. Crackle re-skinned the sports area of the site especially for Honda. "They really put forth the extra effort," he said.

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