BigString Unveils Self-Destructing IM Service

In the interest of privacy and safety, BigString Corp. today is set to unveil a self-destructing instant messenger service. The patent-pending technology leaves no trail or copy of the IM on any server once the message self destructs.

Target users are anyone who uses IM as a real-ime communication--pecially those who worry about confidential information, said BigString CEO Darin Myman. That includes employees at financial institutions, colleagues exchanging information or everyday casual conversation.

The time for self-destruction is set by the sender, and can range fromf seconds to an hour. The sender can also choose a number of visual effects for the self-destruction, and will literally see the message disappear in real time.

To guard against people using such a system for illegal means, although it is untraceable, there is a safeguard built in to work with law enforcement if it is needed, he said. But unlike AIM and other instant message programs, you have to be invited to engage in an IM conversation and accept before you can receive an IM, Myman said.

BigString IM is a free service available as a Web version, desktop application or as a free plug-in for major IM services including AOL's AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger and Google IM. An enterprise version of BigString IM will also be available for businesses of more than 25 employees.

The application is an evolution of BigString's self-destructing email technology, which was launched in 2007 and has since recorded several hundred thousand account registrations.

The site does not have any advertisers lined up at launch, but Myman said he believes they will come within the first few months via the free download.

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