How To Make All Conversations About You

If your work in the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Show was part of the permanent archives of The Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, wouldn't you want to tell friends and strangers alike?

The only thing to do is manipulate conversations from designated topics to you.

Coinciding with the call of entries for the 17th AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Commercial, past AICP Show honorees were mailed a deck of cards that serve as an aid to drive a conversation topic towards their inclusion in MoMA.

Thousands of creatives, producers, directors, editors, and visual effects artists received a deck of cards, ranging from topics like baseball, sex and fad diets to gas prices, toothpaste and Brangelina. The students at the VCU Brandcenter created the cards.

Take toothpaste, for example. Begin by mentioning its essentialness in life, which can also be said for oxygen. Next, mention that oxygen is free, as is MoMA on Friday nights. Lastly, mention that you are in MoMA.

The transition from baseball to your own accomplishments comes directly from left field. Begin with a semi-outdated topic, Barry Bonds. I say switch Bonds with Roger Clemens in an effort to look more current. Next describe how messed up steroids are and then compare that with how messed up Picasso was. Lastly, mention that not only is Picasso in MoMA, but so are you.

In addition to the cards, a set of viral ads, created by Imaginary Forces and Machine Head, act out conversations from the cards. Click here to watch the videos.

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