Hot Jobs

Are you interested in a career as an "experience architect" or "word-of-mouth planner?" If you even know what these titles mean, you just may be a potential candidate.

The digital media environment has created an entirely new career vocabulary. Take, for instance, Ogilvy PR's recent Monster ad for a "digital influence strategist." The requirements: Know the difference between webs 1.0 and 2.0, have a passion for the changes in digital communications and be curious about everything.

And then there's the "integration strategist," who, according to Neysa Bennett, president of the Internet marketing executive search firm Bennett Wheelless Group Ltd., "bridges the gap between channels, creating a cohesive brand message across all media to generate a consistent consumer experience."

 Bill Simon, a senior client partner for the executive recruitment firm Korn/Ferry International, believes that the hottest job for 2008 is actually going to be the chief revenue officer, or the head of multiplatform or digital sales. "It's all about the money today," he adds. The second most popular title, he says, is the CMO, followed closely by the chief content officer - also key drivers of bottom-line growth. As traditional media companies continue to buy digital media companies and try to figure out how to integrate and monetize them, C-level titles like these will grow increasingly important, Simon says.         
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