Careful readers, data junkies, creepy and mildly anti-social OMMA stalkers (we have many), and Gaetano's mom might have noticed we've made some changes to our Data Mine section of late. Specifically, we've strived to update the Ad Networks list that kicks off our monthly fun-with-stats section. You'll now find a list of 25 pure-play ad networks ranked by unique visitors for the most recent month for which we have complete data. In order to help you (or your analytics department) put this information into context we've helpfully provided the same information from the previous month and the percent change in visitors and reach.

While our own darling KPP has worked to make this all pretty and readable for you, Sarah Radwanick at comScore has been instrumental in putting up with our nonsensical and petulant requests for seemingly random bits of info and answered every one of our pesky questions. She's even gone so far as to share the comScore line on what defines an ad network: "A company that sells advertising on a group of domains primarily for third-party owned Web sites."

We know Gaetano's mom appreciates all this effort, but we'd sure like to know if you do also. Or if you think something could be made better. Or if you really liked last month's tête à tête with Mr. Sweepy. Or how upset you are with the Mets disappointing play in the first half of the season. In short, OMMA reader, we're here for you. Mostly, though we are delighted to hear about your disturbing relationship quandaries (always a nice diversion) - what we want is to know how you think we can provide the best and most relevant data. If you look over at that funny yellow bar at right on this page, you'll see how to contact us. If I were you, I'd shoot an e-mail to John Capone right now, even if only to say, "Wow, Steve Smith has really outdone himself with that vertical ad nets piece. The Chuck Yeager of tech reporters, indeed."



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