Paltry Poultry Promo

Paltry Poultry Promo-RehabAnimal fighting gained excessive media coverage last year: Forget soldiers dying in Iraq; NFL player Michael Vick's pit bulls were sucked into a far worse fate than any suicide bomber. PETA, the Humane Society, and the American public were outraged. That's kind of how some people feel playing the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's chicken-fighting computer game. Chicken fighting, however, involves no hens; just two ladies perched atop the shoulders of male companions, duking it out to push the other into the water first. Popularized by women in pools nationwide, the game has developed more sexual connotations as the years have gone by. Most recently, Chelsia and Natalie from this year's Big Brother 9 played a game topless, and now, interactive agency IdeaWork has taken the game to the Internet.

As part of a promotion for Hard Rock's weekly pool party, Rehab, the game allows players to choose a bikini-clad babe of their choice to duke it out in the Rehab pool. Using the space bar, arrow keys, and every ounce of sadness possible, players go through rounds to topple their competitor into the water. Two sorta-unattractive dudes are also involved in the game - each doesn't do much besides serve as a prop to hold all 115 pounds of woman atop his shoulders. From a gaming perspective, Rehab's chicken fight game is not only somewhat slow, it involves female characters who (somewhat unforgivably) wear heels to the pool, serve up pathetic punches and give porny "Unh!" responses to pain. The site,, also allows users to browse pictures of tanned babes and bros in swimsuits all up in da club, and get info on upcoming events. Visitors are encouraged to enter their photo to the site's "Ms. Rehab" contest, in which entrants battle for the title by earning the most votes for their hot shots. Though undoubtedly viral (and a great way to waste two hours at work), it seems almost unnecessary to state why this game is degrading. But we'll do it anyway: Rehab's game is yet another example of women with no agency whose looks and questionable balance skills are all that's used to draw in drooling male fans. In this way, the game achieves its goal. In fact, the entire site reinforces the concept that Rehab is simply a softcore version of the Playboy Mansion pool parties: personality-devoid hot babes ready to entertain, look sexy and battle for glory on your shoulders.
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